Invisible Girl


Words and Music by Jeremy Dickens


When it rains it pours

My girl's experiment has gone off course

It's not that she won't come see me

Rather the reverse it seems

When I hold my eyes just right

I swear I can make out her outline...


She's gone invisible

She ain't nowhere to be seen

She's gone invisible now

It's gonna torment me


She told me she had a surprise

I wouldn't believe my eyes

Kept waiting to see the light

But she was standing right there all the time

But when she puts on her fancy dress

My imagination runs away with me, I confess


She's gone invisible

Right before my eyes

She's gone invisible

And I can't disguise...

My Invisible Girl


You might not know it from looking at her

But she's the most beautiful girl in the world

It's her fascination with science, you see

That's destroying all our chemistry


Now I keep on looking for her

I know she's right there, but I can't be too sure

I miss looking her in the eyes

Now she's invisible, and I just wanna cry

But when the lights go out at night

That's when I know she's outta sight


She's gone invisible

We can't go out at night

She's so invisible

She pulls her shades down tight

She's so invisible

And I can't get no relief

She's gone invisible

You gotta see to believe

My Invisible Girl