Stomp This Town

Words and Music by Jeremy Dickens

Well come on pretty baby take a walk with me

I got something on my mind

Let’s get out from under this deep dark sea

I got clouds all in my eyes

And destruction on my mind

Let’s go little girl we’re gonna stomp this town tonight.

Well I’ve been feelin’ this way don’t know how long
Maybe half a million years
It’s time to shake the dust off, know what I mean?
I got a radioactive smile
I can see for miles
Let’s go, alright – we’re gonna stomp this town tonight.

They’re gonna set off the sirens

Call out the guard

But there’s nothin that they can do

To keep us from tearing the place apart.

Well let me walk you up onto the beach
With all the skyscrapers there
Maybe we could catch a plane or two or three
Well, try as they might
With all the science on their side
They won’t know nothin'
After we stomp this town tonight.